La Petit Creperie


Have you tried Le Petit Creperie? It’s a tiny sweet crepe stall at the corner of Swanston st and Little Collins st. My favorites are salted caramel, chocolate, nutella and the chestnut praline. The friendly French staff with their adorable accents are a highlight. I was mesmerized by how  deftly they made up these delicious treats!
Have you been here? What’s your favorite?

La Petite Creperie on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “La Petit Creperie

  1. I love crepes! We had a crepe stall in a mall once and that was the first time I tasted this delicious treat. Until now, I can’t forget the experience. 🙂 I wish I could try out Le Petit Creperie.. 🙂

    • Its well worth the visit! Most crepes are only $5 or under and the flavours are authentic without being too sweet. I am lucky enough that its close to my workplace so I am about to pick one up on my way home!

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